The district police under the leadership of IPS Dr. Amandeep Singh Kapoor had partnered with Rajasthan Kabir Yatra in the year of 2016 to use the Community Liaisoning Group, truly demographically representative bodies across villages in its effort of community outreach and policing through music.

The term police instantly makes us think of conflict and a sense of panic in people’s mind. Keeping itself true to its motto “Committed to Serve” Rajasthan Police have proactively reached out to the public to create a connection devoid of any conflict and humming-dancing with the public on the music of the commoners As per SP, Dr. Kapoor’s understanding for a better policing and serving the public a symbiotic relationship must be sought to and it was from this space he extended police’s role in suggesting locations where communal conflict had taken place or is in the spate of radicalization. It is an attempt to utilize the energies of administration to fill in the blanks where communities feel wanting for the genuine support.


"When I came to know about the Yatra, the idea interested me a lot. We decided that the police will suggest some places that are in a state of radicalization after recent communal conflicts. Last year, we were able to gather strong support and could reach out to those places in and around Bikaner i.e. Rawwala, ShriDungargarh, Chippon ki Masjid etc where people were in search of some healing after some serious communal disturbance in past. We successfully had a strong dialogue with people and could engage the youth in masses. As expected this unique symbiotic partnership created an atmosphere of harmony and hope."