Terms & Conditions for Yatris

  • Minimum suggested contribution for five days is 4000 INR per person (non-refundable but transferable). More voluntary contribution from your end will be appreciated as it will help us subsidize those who can't contribute the full amount and will also help us to meet other operational costs. If you are a student or artist and can not pay the full amount, please write us your case and we will be happy to offer a subsidy.
  • We would be taking care of your food and accommodation from 3rd morning - 6th night. As the yatra happens only in villages, please remember that food, accommodation will be very basic i.e. only dormitories/ big halls with mattresses (on the floor) and blankets will be provided. Males and females will be provided with separate dormitories. Do check the What to Bring section.
  • We shall be travelling by bus from Jaipur to the villages. However, if you are joining in the middle of the yatra, you would have to reach the respective village on your own. You can access Yatra location google map for directions to the village. For any emergency call at 7014183349
  • Consumption of any sort of alcohol, illegal drugs and smoking in the non-smoking zone are strictly prohibited.
  • Yatra food and stay are co-sponsored by the host village‚Äôs communities and we highly respect their willingness to host us. As we will be staying in places like community halls and temples, we request you to kindly avoid wearing short or sleeveless clothes to avoid hurting the sentiments of local villagers. Public display of affection is henceforth prohibited.
  • Please Note: We won't be able to provide stay and food on 2nd october at Jaipur. Though, we are happy to provide hostels details for your stay at reasonable rates.


  • Please don't displace people's bedding/ place they have blocked to sleep
  • Leave no trace i.e please make sure your trash makes it to the bin
  • We request you to not bring recorders/crowd the stage area with your tripods and cameras. This affects the artists performance and the relationship between him/ her and the audience. We shall provide all recordings and pictures, once the yatra is over.
  • Please do not prepone/ extend your stay without checking with us, as all food, accommodation and transport facilities are accounted for.

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