Project Tana Bana – KABIR YATRA

Project Tana Bana


A community policing initiative by Rajasthan Police

For the last six years, Rajasthan Police has worked together with Lokayan Sansthan on ‘Project Taana-Baana’. ‘Taana-Baana’ is a pilot project which assisted in organising the Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, a travelling music festival focusing on traditional music gatherings of the region called Jagran or Satsang, from 2016 to 2019. The exhilarating experience of these six consecutive years in seven districts of Bikaner, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Sikar and Jhunjhnu has given Rajasthan Police the vision of promoting and nurturing a harmonious atmosphere between different castes/communities to ensure peaceful coexistence in society. Now RKY has become an institutionalized mechanism supported by various departments of the government where police plays a dominant role to coordinate various other government departments as well as community liaison groups to organise RKY as a tool of community outreach in those specifically selected areas tarred by communal strife for a specially curated soothing and spiritual experience.

RKY has been creating a space for musicians, artists, scholars, students and seekers where they can immerse themselves in the voices of Bhakti, Sufi and Nirgun poetries such of Kabir, Meera, Amir Khusrau and Baba Bulleh Shah. The echoes of their voices leave a deep impression of global oneness and dissolves the boundaries of caste, class, religion and identity. It plays an essential role for establishing social harmony amongst people and makes them discover their true nature of un-dividedness. The artists carolling the poetries abundant with love, compassion and enlightening wisdom, makes an effective tool to bring people together as we witnessed in the last few years through RKY.

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