Yatri Registration – KABIR YATRA

Yatri Registration

  •  Photo ID Proof (mandatory)
  • Sleeping sheet/ Sleeping Bag/Bed sheets if you don’t wish to sleep on the on-ground mattresses
  • Enough clothes for 7 days as facilities of wash and dry will be unavailable
  • Warm clothes as it gets cold at the night
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medication
  • Sunscreen/ big hat/cap
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Torch
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A musical instrument if you play one
  • Water bottle, mug/ cup and spoon to avoid disposables/ plastic. Anything that will help you keep your yatra as green as possible!
  • Please don’t displace people’s bedding/places that they have blocked to sleep.
  • Leave no trace i.e. please make sure your trash makes it to the bin.
  • We request you to not bring recorders/ crowd the stage area with your tripods and cameras. This affects the artist’s performance and the relationship between him/her and the audience. We shall provide all recordings and pictures, once the Yatra is over.
  • Please do not prepone/extend your stay without checking with us, as all food, accommodation and transport facilities are accounted for.
  • Any inappropriate behavior/ abusive language /unnecessary or violent action will not be entertained by the organizer. The organizer has full right to dismiss any person during the Yatra if found guilty. (no refund will be awarded in this case.)
  • Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited during Yatra. We hope to have your cooperation as we do not wish to be your surveillance cameras.
  • We request you not to carry any valuables or excessive money during Yatra. In case of any mishappening, the organizers will not be responsible.

Registrations are currently closed.

     Stay tuned for new Yatra dates updates!

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